Many people have been asking how to send tid-bits of America to Senegal (and what to send as well!), so I’ve decided to help everyone out a bit with an “ABCs of Packing and Packages to Senegal.”

A) My address:

Corps de la Paix

c/o Amanda Wybolt

Almadies Lot N/1 23231

B.P. 2534

Dakar, Yoff, Senegal

B) How to package the goods:

  • PLEASE put a false amount on the claims slip that will be on the box – something lower than $10. Please! I’ve been getting charged around $20 to pick up packages, which is a lot on a Peace Corps “salary.”
  • Don’t send anything that looks nice or expensive – meaning, take things out of their plastic wrapping and put them in zip-loc baggies, remove special packaging and wrap things in newspaper etc.  Why?  Our packages often get opened at customs and sometimes we get charged  A LOT to pick up our boxes if they think the things inside are worth a decent amount.  You can still send nice things, just don’t package them looking so.
  • Things to write on the box or packing slip:
  1. “Dieu voit tout” (“God sees everything”)
  2. A fake tracking number (see photo)
  3. A low amount to “claim” on the packing slip, like $3 or $6, regardless of what’s actually inside the box.
  4. “Educational Materials,” or “matériaux éducatifs”
  5. It may seem silly, but all of these things help reduce the risk of the package being opened, and me getting charged $20 or more to pick up the box.

Ideas for packaging

  • Anything you want to send that really is expensive or needs special care, please contact me ahead of time and we’ll discuss other ways to send boxes, hurrah!
  • **Though I have not had any problems yet receiving my packages (besides being overcharged at times), there have been volunteers that have had packages never arrive or arrive half empty, and the other day we received a package here in Kolda addressed to a volunteer that left three years ago. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I just wanted to let you know the possibilities!

C) Items that make me happy any time:

  • Peanut Butter M&Ms
  • Chai tea
  • The last good book you read.
  • Batteries: AAA

Thank you thank you!  Your continuous love and support is keeping me happy, sane and productive here.  Again, any questions, just zap me an email, I’ll get back to you in a few weeks – promise!


2 Responses to “Snail-Mail to Senegal”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic advice! My daughter has been in Senegal for 1 year now… has received every package because I followed your suggestions…thank you!

    1. Amanda Wybolt Says:

      Glad to help! There’s not much better in the middle of a 130 degree hot season than riding into town and having a care package waiting for you.

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