Video I put together to promote Stomping Out Malaria in Africa. There may or may not be one teeny weeny error, but mostly I like how it turned out:


How far will you go… Smash Williams? Anyone get it? Anyone?

A year late – here it finally is! I mentioned this video we made for last spring’s training, and have since been pestered by volunteers and friends/family alike to upload it. Then I forgot about it completely. Then this past week I was sifting around my external hard drive looking for something else pertaining to mosquito nets and stumbled upon the video. So, I’ve at long last uploaded it. Please excuse the poor video quality  – it would have been 438 minutes to upload the .dv version and that’s not going to happen when there’s only one computer with internet for 13 people.

About the video: April of 2010, Kellen, Dave, Chris Breezy, and myself  were called upon to teach the latest wave of health and environmental education trainees about the massive-esque mosquito net distributions that were taking place in southern Senegal.  You may remember these such distributions that I was involved in – they were the beginning of my malaria affair. If I’d only known then…  Anyway, upon considering our task, we decided the best way to enlighten the trainees in the ways of net distributions would be via video, photos and song. At 10pm we started the video snippet, at 4am the link below was the result.  Enjoy!

(If I ever have fast interwebs again I promise to upload the non-fuzzy version.)

Watch closely – two RPCVs from Senegal are featured! Wicked cool. So happy to be where I am in my life right now.  Enjoy the video!

Hi everyone!  My friends Geoff and David (volunteers in my region) have come up with a fantastic project and now a bunch of us are joining in!  All the details and descriptions are in the video below, and as a side-note, yes: I am participating as well, my name just missed the video cut.

Either way, you should definitely WATCH the video, laugh at our miserable donkey-riding skills, and if you feel so inclined, DONATE!  If you do want to donate though, please be sure to read the information and instructions from Geoff and David that I’ve listed below the video. Enjoy!

About your donation:
Volunteers, in conjunction with Peace Corps Senegal’s country director, have established a new fund entitled the Gardens of Moringa Fund. Monies donated to this fund will be made available to community groups, women’s groups, and school gardens across all of Senegal for small garden improvements (fence repairs, basic tools, protective equipment, seed bank materials etc) or the introduction of new gardening technologies (hand crank well pumps, treadle pumps, improved variety seeds, etc) that do not exceed $150.

This fund will be available to all Peace Corps Senegal Volunteers to do what they do best – assess at the community level the most motivated and deserving of groups or schools within their own community. A 20% financial community contribution per project will be mandatory to ensure a sense of ownership and increased responsibility on the part of the local community. Senegal’s country Director will personally assess the merits of all applications submitted to the Peace Corps office in Dakar and make all final decisions regarding the acceptances or rejections of those applications.

Upon the successful dispersal of funds for small garden improvements or technological innovations the nearest volunteer to the receiving community group, women’s group, or school garden will be required to cultivate an intensive bed of Moringa Oliefera for the purpose of leaf production and consumption as well as hold an informational session for local community members that will cover the same information session for local community members that will cover the same information as that discussed in the 13 towns and health posts of the Kolda Donkey Rally. After the successful completion of these steps and the appropriate documentation has been provided to the Peace Corps Senegal office, Peace Corps Volunteers will then be allowed to apply for additional funding provided Gardens of Moringa Fund under the same parameters previously mentioned.

How to donate:

If you’re interested in supporting our efforts, please visit the following website: Senegal Country Fund Websiteyou MUST designate the donation to the “Gardens of Moringa Fund” in the comments section of this page.

1- Enter the amount you are willing to donate in the box on the right side of your screen, 2- Click DONATE, 3- Fill out required information, 4- since this donation will be going to the general Senegal country fund IT IS CRITICAL  YOU DESIGNATE THE DONATION TO THE GARDENS OF MORINGA FUND IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS PAGE! 5- Give someone a hug, you deserve it :) Your financial support of this project would represent both your support of our goals to eliminate malnutrition here in Senegal as well as your support of Peace Corps Senegal’s abilities to effectively identify and assist those most in need of your assistance.

Thank you,

David Shames, Geoff Burmeister

Following the trend of creating things on my computer while being condemned to my regional house while sick (not amoebas this time, just an ear/sinus/lymphatic infection), I’ve put together a short video of the footage I’ve taken around my village.

A walking tour of Fodé Bayo: 



Over the next two years I will be joining in on countless Tam Tam circles in an effort to comprehend their styles and grasp the method of the stamping maddness. Here, is a clip from my first two months in country:

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