Did you know that pregnant women are four times more prone to malaria infection than at any other stage in their lives?

What will YOU do this year to Stomp Out Malaria?

And now an anecdote from my friend William who is currently in Vietnam:

I’m in Vietnam right now, went out for lunch and saw this fruity watermelon cocktail at the table next to me. So i asked the waiter if i can get that too and she just laughed at me… Turns out, they only give that to women cus its women’s day.
As they should. Another good tale: read about Africa’s Girl Power.

“2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Amnesty International, which began with one person and an idea — to protect the basic dignity and human rights of those imprisoned for their beliefs.” – AI YouTube video caption

Amnesty International is one organization that I have often imagined working for and am constantly humbled by when witnessing the scale of impact they’ve had on the world community. AI has rocked countries and changed lives through their relentless efforts to stand up and speak out when most people find it more convenient to continue on with their lives and be content with the status quo.

It is seeing people like the ones in the video above, and learning about the work of organizations such as AI that keep me focused towards my future (nomadic and scattered as it seems to be) because AI epitomizes the kind of work that I could devote my life to.